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Hi! Welcome to eggmountain. Thanks for stopping in. Let’s begin with this – eggmountain is always one word around these parts, and always lowercase, so as not to be confused with the real mountain in Montana named Egg.

eggmountain began seven years ago as a collaboration between Ethiel Garlington and Michelle Therrien (eg+mt), while attending graduate school in Athens, Georgia. That initial “collaboration” worked so well that it’s now Ethiel Garlington and Michelle Garlington, but eggmug doesn’t roll off the tongue in quite the same way.

Ethiel is happy-go-lucky, while Michelle has been known to look before she leaps. After a recent move from their beloved Athens, they’re transitioning nicely into their new surroundings in Knoxville, Tennessee. Being that Ethiel is fourth-generation Knoxvillian, he enjoys pointing out tangible links to his personal history wherever they go, including the tree that caused him to break his arm when he was in fourth grade.

With two graduates of historic preservation under one roof, there are many rusty metal artifacts floating in and out of their lives, but don’t worry, they’re both up to date on their tetanus boosters. By day, Ethiel works for a local preservation non-profit and Michelle is a freelance commercial interior designer. At night, they’re actively engaged (or at least actively motivating the superhero carpenters that are carrying the heaviest loads) in the renovation of a 1920s, 800 square foot detached garage, and the restoration of the historic farm house that sits on the same property. They’ll be moving into the garage sometime this summer, and will officially live next door to Ethiel’s parents.

This is the online journal of their journey. Michelle is the captain of this blog, but Ethiel reserves the right to comment occasionally. Stay tuned for adventures and mayhem.


historic preservation, interior design, architecture, sustainability, small-space living, local food co-ops, and people that tell great stories